About us

Three Amigos Healthy Pet Supply is a provider of natural and holistic healthy pet supplies for dogs and cats.  John Janus the owner emphasize a natural approach to pets base on his experience raising his dogs the past twenty years.  John believes a good diet that promote healthy ingredients without preservatives, sugar, corn and wheat, gluten and artificial flavors not only promote a healthy lifestyle for dogs and cats but also save on vet bills.  Dogs are increasing showing health issues like allergies and kidney problems that can not be address by the daily dog food consume by dogs today.  Three Amigos Healthy Pet Supply provide a assortments of raw, freeze-dyed, wet and kibble for a healthy dog or cat diet.  Three Amigos is also the leading provider of pre-mixes and supplements for owners who want to make their own pet food.  A free consultation is always included with every visit. 

 Three Amigos Healthy Pet Supply also offer organic health supplies to bath with and natural supplements to improve the diet and wellness of pets. A full assortment of collars, leashes, toys and dog chews are also offer at the store.  John Janus believe in providing a unique experience by offering brands not found in a normal pet store and often describe his store as a health store for pets. 

Three Amigos also offer dog training classes for dogs at all levels of training.  The classes are five weeks in length and is offer by one of the best trainers in South Florida.